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Precious advices about what to visit, what kind of food you should taste and where to sleep.

A perfect manual that will guide you through the magic places of roman spirit and it will reveal you the exclusives location of one of the most loved cities in the world. A guide set up specifically to let you discover the beauties of Rome and more: what to eat, where to sleep and the sights not to be missed!
Let Rome Hints inspire you, it is your touristic guide at your fingertips, always with you.

Vintage shops and fashion boutiques in Rome

Famous brands boutiques, vintage and much more. In addition to the beautiful works of architecture, Rome opens to shopping, offering several possibilities. Elite shops and large franchises: Rome has something for everyone and every budget.

The Circo Massimo, the biggest open Theatre ever built

When you plan a tour in Rome, you can't forget to visit Circo Massimo, one of the monuments considered a symbol of the city.

Tivoli: the thermal baths location since the age of the Roman emperors

How about a trip in Tivoli during your stay in the capital? The city is 30 kilometres far from Rome, and it has a very interesting historical and cultural heritage: the main attractions date back to the Roman Emperors age, but in the city centre there are also some symbols of the Middle Ages

Villa Adriana
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Villa Adriana is one of the most appreciated archaeological sites in Italy, and it is heritage of the UNESCO.

The Arch of Titus: the last work of the Flavian Dynasty

What is the Arch of Titus?
The arch of Titus was commissioned by the Roman Senate to remember the emperor with the same name dead in 81 A. D. , and his victory during the Jewish war in Galilee.

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The Pantheon: the Christian monument dedicated to pagan gods

The Pantheon, ancient masterpiece of architecture and engineering
The Pantheon - that means "temple of all the gods", in Greek - is an historical building showing its majesty in the heart of Rome.

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aviator ASOS ASOS DESIGN with gold clear metal in glasses lens Trajan's Market: its history
Trajan's Market takes its name from the great Roman emperor who built it. It is the first big covered market ever built, near the Foro di Trajano, the greatest imperial forum.

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The Fascination of the Horti Farnesiani
The Horti Farnesiani on the Palatino hill is the first botanic gardens in Rome, and the name comes from the ancient noble family owner of the area: the Farnese's.

A trip to discover one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Subiaco

If you are spending a few days in Rome, we suggest you make a little detour and visit Subiaco. The town, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located less than 70 km from the capital, and it is easily accessible.

All the legends about the ... Bocca della Verità

The Bocca della Verità and its Legends
The Bocca della Verità - that means "mouth of the truth" - is the protagonist of several legends from the ancient times, and they can't be missed.

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The timeless appeal of Calcata

Calcata probably is one of the most popular destinations loved by the Roman people and by the tourists visiting the Eternal City.

The Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri, UNESCO heritage site

Cerveteri faces on the Tyrrhenian Sea, and it is located 40 km from Rome and 65 from Viterbo.

Villa Sciarra: a peaceful oasis, at the bottom of Gianicolo hill

If you are on holiday in Rome but you don't want to visit only touristic places, and you prefer to leave the city as the Roman citizens do, you can't miss Villa Sciarra, the Peaceful oasis at the bottom of Gianicolo hill.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni: a place where to find art, cinema and music

Walking around the city centre, you will surely see a big building characterized by a Neoclassic style from the second half of the 19th century. Inside of this wonderful building, there are ten thousand square metres of expositions.

Nero's Domus Aurea: now a multimedia trip in the ancient Rome

If you are staying in Rome or you are planning a short trip to the Eternal City, you cannot miss a visit of the Domus Aurea, the immense building Nero built, one of the symbols of an ancient civilization.

Mediaeval poetry and architecture surrounded by the wonders in the garden Ninfa

Rome “caput mundi” gives you an unlimited number of places where to go to feel magic sensations, and when you think you have seen everything you could, you actually find a new narrow lane or a monument you had missed.

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The mystery of the holy wood of Nemi

The lake of Nemi is a volcanic basin, located near the Albani hills, in the area of the Castelli Romani. During the ancient times, the lake already was an amusing place for holidays, chosen by the rich Roman families.

The archaeological wonders of Ostia Antica

The ancient Latin poets used to say: "Roma caput mundi", the capital of an empire of almost global dimensions. But we should say Ostia also had an important role, according to its size.

The treasures housed in the Basilica of San Paolo out of the walls

The Basilica di San Paolo fuori le mura is situated in Rome, and it is one of the four papal basilicas. After St. Peter’s, it surely is the biggest one, and it deserves a visit for its solemnity, but also for the richness of its treasures.

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Diocleziano thermal baths are the biggest ever built in Rome and in the whole Empire, before Massimiano inaugurated their works in 298. Massimiano was the Augustus of the West Roman Empire, named by Diocleziano himself.

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Discovering Sperlonga: archaeological and naturalistic treasures

with metal aviator glasses DESIGN gold clear ASOS ASOS lens in Sperlonga is a little city in the South of Lazio region, facing on the Tirrenian coast: thanks to its artistic and archaeological beauties, together with the wonderful sea, it has gained the position in the ranking of the most beautiful Italian places, and the Blue Flag - certification of a great sea.

Flavours from all over the world, at Campo de' Fiori market

Campo de' Fiori market is the past and the present, tradition and innovation, folklore and racial integration. The culture the most ancient Roman habits get mixed with the older populations of the world, offering the possibility of tasting domestic but also all over the world flavours.

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The story of the Fontanone dell'Acqua Paola at the Gianicolo

Rome will make you get lost around the wonderful panoramas you can see by its narrow lanes and great squares, its famous and unknown monuments, avenues and secret streets.

Cycling at Appia Antica Regional Park

Appia Antica regional Park is a protected area situated in the street with the same name, including several very important historical and archaeological sites. The park has a more than 3295 hectares surface, located in the area of Rome, Marino, and Ciampino; it was created in 1988 by Regione Lazio.

The secret garden of Livia Drusilla, survived for 2000 years

in metal glasses ASOS lens ASOS clear DESIGN with aviator gold Talking about the secrets and the fun facts of the Italian capital, and about the great Roman Empire, we can't forget the residence of Livia Drusilla, the then wife of Emperor Augustus.

Wine stories, festivals and Roman nobles in Frascati

A few kilometres from Rome, two words to the South-East of the city, you will find the famous Castelli Romani: their fresh climate during the summer, the good wine, and the several festivals set around the wonderful lakes and elegant parks attract many Roman citizens and tourists, too.

Villa Sciarra: a hidden treasure at the feet of Gianicolo!

Villa Sciarra is situated at the feet of Gianicolo, surrounded by Via Dandolo, Via Calandelli and Mura Gianicolensi. Since the ancient times, the area has always hosted gardens and vegetable gardens: the holy wood of nymph Furrina was situated there: in 121B. C.


Discover with us
the most interesting attractions of the Eternal City.

The capital’s secrets are just one click away!

Precious advices for your stay in Rome

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The Inn At the roman forum

Located just a few steps from some of the oldest and most precious ruins in Rome, including the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.
It boasts charming views of the Campidoglio, Palatin Hill, the Roman Forum and Venice Square. The Inn at The Roman Forum is the only luxury residence in Rome which actually houses Roman Ruins within it's walls.

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Hotel Panama Garden

The Hotel Panama Garden, a four-star hotel in Rome, recently restored, is located in the heart of the city, a few minutes from the best tourist attractions such as the Catacombs of Santa Priscilla, Villa Borghese, famous shopping districts, Luiss university and more.

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Hotel Ariston Roma

Here at Hotel Ariston we want to make you feel at home!
The Hotel Ariston is located in the historic center of Rome, a few minutes from the ancient walls of the city between Porta Pia and the Quirinal Palace, near the famous Via Veneto and Termini station, where the main ministers and foreign embassies are located.

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