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Roland Boutique is a world of instruments that inspire electronic music creativity by expanding on the legendary sounds of the past with a workflow to suit the modern producer and musician.

The sound of each instrument is immense and iconic with each original inspiration being a solid foundation to expand upon. The compact, portable form-factor of Roland Boutique allows for immediate creativity — whether it is performing live on stage, producing in your studio or creating for the pure enjoyment — Roland Boutique delivers powerful sound, anywhere.


The 1980s were a dynamic period for music production. Producers were experimenting in the studio, searching for new sounds with new genres being forged at a furious pace. But it wasn’t until the arrival of digital synthesizers when the decade truly found its voice.

The Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer arrived in 1987 as the first Roland digital synthesizer with “Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesis” at its core - an innovative mixture of attack/transient- and loop-samples blended with digitally synthesized waveforms. This gave the D-50 the realism of expensive digital samplers, with the expressiveness of an instrument, and the polish of a high-end studio thanks to the first onboard digital effects in a synthesizer. The culminating sound was massively influential with the iconic, beautifully crafted presets featuring as the cornerstone of huge international hits.

But thirty years on, the combination of sampling and synthesis is as relevant today as the era in which the D-50 shined so brightly.

Introducing the Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer: a compact, modern version of the original D-50 with Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB) technology providing the digital synth engine and the exact PCM attack- and loop-samples as the original D-50 to precisely recreate every tonal nuance in stunning detail.

The D-05 also has some exciting updates. The 64-step, polyphonic sequencer is great for performance and sparking new ideas. It can store tempo and patch changes, and can sequence shuffle and gate timing. And the built-in arpeggiator adds movement to the already evocative sounds. The D-05 also has all of the preset patches from the four rare D-50 voice cards, as well as all new patches created specifically for the next generation of electronic music.

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Early digital synthesizers were born from an era of processor and technological advancements that culminated in a world of inspiring sounds, never before conceived. At this time, Roland created a number of early proprietary digital synthesis systems. Structured Adaptive, Differential Interpolation, and Linear Arithmetic sound engines all arose from these pioneering times of hardware and software ingenuity. This period of instrument innovation evoked “a sound of the future” that inspired a generation of musicians, and defined an era of music.

Originals backpack collegiate in front adidas pocket bk6724 adidas Originals with navy trefoil However, the first processors and sound engines of the time had inherent limitations, restrictions and technical barriers to overcome. These constraints in early digital synthesizer technology gave each instrument its own character and sonic identity. It is this unique character that is the heart of the instrument and is what the AIRA Engineering Team have set out to recreate with Digital Circuit Behavior (DCB).

DCB faithfully reproduces original Roland digital synthesis systems through the same careful considerations made at the technology’s genesis. Every aspect of the digital sound source is analyzed through DCB; from the algorithm calculation method, its accuracy of interpolation values and the behavior of the native processor pushed to its maximum capacity. This gives a true recreation of the original digital waveform generation, the behavior of the parameters and its digital effects – to exist in this day on a state-of-the-art digital platform used by the modern producer and musician.

DCB allows for these classic sounds of the digital synthesizer to live on; to inspire a new generation, to be the foundation of new genres and create a musical revolution of their very own.

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Legowelt Artist Patches for Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer

Legowelt, a.k.a Danny Wolfers, is a one-of-a-kind producer who has created his own musical path that does not align with traditional genres or sound. All Legowelt productions are filled with head-turning moments only capable through his wizardry of all things synthesizer.

We had the pleasure of sharing with him the Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer - a compact reproduction of the Roland D-50 from the late 1980s, one of the most influential synthesizers ever produced.

pocket adidas navy Originals trefoil Originals with adidas collegiate front bk6724 backpack in In a matter of days, Legowelt had created a bank of 64 patches that could only come from his unique, creative space. This bank is a mix of punchy, percussive patches (suited to the D-05 in-built sequencer and arpeggiator) with dreamy, ambient pads to suit anything from deep techno to lo-fi hip-hop.

These patches have been made available for free for all Roland Boutique D-05 users. Click on the link below to download and add to your own Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer.

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Linear Arithmetic Synthesis for a New Generation

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1987 saw the beginning of a new era for Roland; the birth of “a new universe of sound beyond the limits of conventional synthesis”. The catalyst was ‘Linear Arithmetic Synthesis’ and the instrument was the Roland D-50. Roland had set out to create a form of synthesis unlike anything heard before. The hybrid mix of sample playback and classic synthesizer waveforms was defined as ‘LA Synthesis’ and created a new approach to sound design and production. Hybrid layering gave percussive patches a new level of realism. Long, sustained pads were swept up in movement and evolving dynamics that defined the new-age and ambient genres. Combined with the first in-built chorus, delay/reverb and EQ digital effects on a synthesizer – the Roland D-50 quickly became a game-changer of its time. The factory sounds of the D-50 become iconic, and instantly recognizable in popular songs and film scores of the late 80’s. Presets like ‘Digital Native Dance’ and ‘Fantasia’ perfectly capture the lush, dense and complex sounds of the D-50 and created a lasting imprint on the culture of a generation. Close your eyes, hold a chord and embrace the expansive, ethereal universe of the Roland D-50.


The Legendary TR-808 Sound in the Palm of Your Hand

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blue in DESIGN ASOS balloon boyfriend ASOS dark leg wash jeans 7zYpwOnCLASSIC ROLAND INSTRUMENT : TR-808


There are few musical instruments that have affected the course of modern music like the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer. The term ‘808’ has an immediate sonic, electronic and aesthetic signature. Inside the all-analog monster lies a big, booming BASS of a kick drum that drives a robotic clap, a brash cowbell and sizzling cymbals for a future-symphonic rhythm track. Combined with its bold black body, scrolling lights and sixteen iconic-colored sequencer buttons, the TR-808 will always be unmistakable in its form and function. The day the TR-808 fell into the hands of visionary musicians and producers became the day that the idiosyncratic sound of the 808 found its voice. The 808 imparted a lasting impression on popular, electronic, hip-hop and R&B music. But perhaps its greatest legacy is that “808” means so many things to so many people. A simple rhythm box described by three-digits managed to transcend musical genres and reach a place of cultural significance. Its spirit and sound resonates to this day, inspiring new music and sub-genres with each generation of visionary. And so the cycle continues – much like its driving, looping patterns – forging a new path into the rhythmic future.


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Originals in Originals adidas trefoil adidas with backpack navy pocket front bk6724 collegiate CLASSIC ROLAND INSTRUMENT : SH-101


The synthesizer was the zeitgeist of music in the early 80’s. Almost every band on TV and radio featured at least one keyboard player, perched proudly behind a rack of synthesizers. This era of music saw performance and synthesis come to a convergence: the “synth star” and Roland SH-101 was born. Battery-powered, sleek lines, compact design, and wearable with a strap and grip, the SH-101 was designed to take center stage. But beneath its extroverted design lay a powerful monophonic synth voice that could transition from smooth to WILD… all at your fingertips. It wasn’t until the 90’s when this portable powerhouse was adopted by electronic music producers and featured in countless techno, house and electronica albums. The booming sub-oscillator, throbbing pulse-width modulation and simple 100-step sequencer combined for a sound that gave the “101” a cult following. Like the synth stars of decades passed, the Roland SH-101 continues to shine brightly, continues to be revered and continues to inspire.


Vintage sound, unexpected power.

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A collaborative effort from Roland and Studio Electronics, the SE-02 uses authentic discrete circuitry to create an analog synth with a distinctly American sound. The SE-02 combines ample high quality knobs, massive tone and texture, and a uniquely creative sequencer in a compact ‘boutique’ form factor.
Studio Electronics, a leader in excellence and ingenuity in analog synthesizer design since 1988.Makers of the revered MidiMini, SE-1, ATC-1, Omega 8, CODE 8, Boomstar, and Tonestar.Premium quality musical instruments hand built in the USA.


The Legendary TR-909 Sound in the Palm of Your Hand

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The Classic TB-303 Sound in the Palm of Your Hand

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The Iconic VP-330 Vocoder in the Palm of Your Hand

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Case and Tilt Stand for Roland Boutique Modules

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The K-25m is a 25-key, velocity sensitive keyboard designed for use with the Roland Boutique series.

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Powerful pocket module with MIDI/analog connectivity and sound engine.

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adidas with in backpack trefoil Originals adidas navy front bk6724 Originals collegiate pocket JX-03

The Roland Boutique JX-03 module continues the legacy of the JX-3P synth.

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The limited-edition JU-06 is an authentic recreation of the iconic JUNO-106 synthesizer.

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